Bu modülde hastane bilgi ve yönetim sistemlerine kısa bir giriş yapılmıştır. Önce “Bilgi Sistemi”, sonra “Hastane Bilgi Sistemi” terimleri açıklanmış, sağlık hizmetinin kalitesi için hastanelerde bilgi işlemenin önemi anlatılmıştır.

Hospital information systems are vital for the whole process that starts with the patients appeal to the healthcare center to the end of their treatment. Accurate and safe information input to the system, availability of this information to the social security organizations, private health insurance companies, and to the medical facilities that provide treatment or medicine and storing the necessary background information about patients’ previous treatment history are some of the examples of that process. Highly skilled staff in IT are needed to successfully carry out this very important process that dramatically decreases the workload in hospitals. In this output, it is aimed to produce a training module that teaches medical IT skills to healthcare staff with undergraduate degrees such as medical secretaries and registry operators. What is targeted here is not only being able to use the services of the IT system directly related to the job but also being able use the indirectly related ones. The easy learning of the patient info systems developed for the current needs and transformation from the old systems to the new ones without problems depend on a thorough understanding of each step of the system’s operation.